The Company


Furniture’s were never out of fashion since ages. People worked hard to get things done, even in the earlier ages, and that how it led to inventions and creations. Today, every piece of furniture is some sort of workmanship and their talent to keep them going! We believe that furniture can recreate the home, aura and add elements of happiness and satisfaction within. We are those who love to add elements to your home, with our personalised furniture. We are a name that has been created ages ago, by our ancestors. We are striving to retain the same for generations to come.

We are also proud brand owners where the family member, is still continuing the same business, for the passion and drive that we have for furniture and for the love it gives to the people it reaches. Happiness is doubled when it shared, they say; and we follow. Our unique pieces of furniture are a reflection of art and absolute true workmanship. You need a different piece and we do it with all grace.


Our raw materials are chosen with utmost care and they are perfectly processed to stay beyond thetime at your place, just like our business. We make sure that the wood we choose or the metals we take are in their best shape so that the whole process adds years to their life.

We are specialised in contemporary and traditional furniture’s, which suits most of your needs. in contemporary, we never fake designs and styles. Our architects, bring out innovation in their work, with every piece, may be the style may coincide, but not the piece.